FOUR KKS - Hygienic Air Handling Unit

  • Better thermal conductivity ’and‘ thermal bridging values ​​with 60 mm steel carcass
  • 50 mm and 60mm aluminum profile and 60mm steel profile.
  • Double-skinned panel construction
  • Fully coated stainless steel panels
  • Fan-motor group, air flow rate and total static pressure
  • Most efficient choice
  • Greater energy savings with rotor, plate, heat recovery or mixing chamber
  • Free cooling availability
  • EPOXY coated IGK and coils
  • Filtering, heating, cooling, humidification, quieter operation
  • Easy to clean smooth inner surface
  • Easy access to all elements in the power plant
  • Service doors and service doors with safety casing, lighting and sight glass for cleaning and intervention in fan, motor and filter cells for service and maintenance
  • Automation infrastructure that can work with any brand VRF outdoor unit

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FOUR KKS - Hygienic Air Handling Unit

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